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Ever enter a bar or restaurant after a long days work and you’re craving a beer but are disappointed in the quality, taste, and service you received. This is a story we’ve all heard. Beer service is just as important as anything else served in the restaurant. Beer tasting has risen in popularity as much as wine tasting; popularity for craft beers and food pairings have risen as well. This is great article for managers, bartenders, and everyone in the food service and hospitality industry. Customers know good beer and when good beer isn’t served we notice.

Things to remember when serving beer: 

1. Is it too cold? Beer should be poured at 38 degrees F.

2. Are you pouring it into the proper glass? Is the glass clean?

3. When was the last time your beer lines were cleaned? This needs to be accomplished every 2 weeks and your beer rep will help.

4. Did you tap a warm keg? BIG MISTAKE. When you tap a warm keg, you’ll waste 25% or more of the keg with foam.

5. Is your staff knowledgable about these beers?

If you have any questions about your beer service and how to maximize your beer profits, call US!
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