The Profit in One Keg

Each 15.5-gallon keg (½ Barrel) contains 1984 ounces of beer.

Realistically, you could expect to get at least 130-140 16 oz pints (if a 16oz pint is served with a ¾ inch head it has approx 14oz in the glass) from that keg.

If a pint of beer was sold for $3.00, this would generate a gross profit of $390-$420.

The net profit from a keg based on the aforementioned figures (after subtracting the wholesale cost of the keg) would be approximately $310-$340.

The Profit from 5 Kegs/Week 

In a retail establishment if only five kegs a week are sold, a profit of over $80,000 a year in possible.

5 kegs/week X 52 = 260 kegs/year

260 kegs X $320 = $ 83,200 net profit

Cheers Friends!